About Us


Quality Policy

The management of Shiny Precision Machining office is dedicated to the highest level of excellence that is achieved through the continual improvement of our quality and prompt management system and customer needs. We will achieve these goals through the excellence of our people, services and projects which the customer requests. Customer satisfaction is our core concepts, along with a strong trust that makes our customers comfortable in working with us. Our employees strive for the best in quality and time and will perform by no other standards.

Who We Are

Shiny Precision Machining Ltd. serves over 100 companies in Europe, USA, Africa, Latin America and Asia countries. We build for them who ship to USA, UK, FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY, RUSSIA, PORTUGAL, BRAZIL, SOUTH AFRICA, JAPAN AND KOREA. We serve a number if industries which include:

  • Precision metal CNC machining
  • Plastic injection mold
  • Die-cast mold
  • Punching mold
  • Mess production
  • Printing and plating
  • Packing and assembly

Our History

Shiny office has grown steadily since 1999 from a family design department, during that time, we have the dedication to customers the product design and mould making design works. With years grown up, we enlarge our office and build the factory in Shenzhen city. In year 2002 we passed the ISO 9001:2000 certifications and emphasize that continued focus on quality with consistency and repeatability. We are growing and providing the steady investment in new machinery enhances cost containment while enhancing flexibility in meeting customers needs regardless of the product industry.

Our Mission

Customers Satisfaction is our core concepts. We will achieve this through competitive prices, precision machining works and quality productions. Like any successful business our employees are our greatest asset making it possible to serve our customer. We believe you will appreciate the craftsmanship, the cost and time saving, and the cooperation we will have in business together.