Assembly & Packing


Assembly & Packing

Shiny Precision assembly and packing department is equipped for the assembly and packaging of a very wide variety of products.

Parts Assembly

On completion of your quality plastic injection moulds or die-cast parts we can quickly and efficiently assemble your products to your specifications.

Heat Staking

We can provide thermoplastic heat staking to successfully join plastic to a variety of materials to form a permanent joint.

Ultrasonic Welding

Using our ultrasonic welding system we can join plastics together without the need for connective bolts, nails, soldering materials, or adhesives.

Blister Packaging

Creating pre-formed plastic packaging to nearly any shape enables us to package any goods in blister packaging whether consumer goods or medical goods.

Vacuum Packaging

Providing the ideal solution for plastic packaging for larger items.

Bag Packing

As part of our packaging solutions we provide a comprehensive Bag Packing service to securely protect all of your products when your project is finished.

Laser Welding

We can offer a Plastic moulding Laser Welding service offset, a technique used to join two plastic moulded parts together which allows you to omit any unnecessary moulded Clips.

Tampo Printing

To finalize your plastic moulded parts we can tamp print any text or logo to your specifications on virtually any 3d shape. On completion of any moulded part we can assemble and package your product to your specifications in a minimum of time. We pride ourselves on quality and accuracy.